Throughout First Presbyterian Church, Bartlesville, Evangelism is considered the proclamation of the Word, with a special emphasis on the redeeming grace of God in Christ.  Thus, with the power of the Holy Spirit, God commissions our church to announce the good news of forgiveness and to invite each member of the greater community to join our community of faith.

It is the purpose of our church’s ministry of Evangelism to provide signs of God’s reign and offer hope in the midst of life-denying situations.  This hope is sustained by God’s presence within the church as the transforming power of the Holy Spirit that is manifested in mutual love and service, in self-giving and acceptance, drawing people from their separateness into the community of shared faith in Jesus Christ.

The primary responsibility of the Evangelism Committee is to make First Presbyterian Church, Bartlesville, present in the greater community, creating opportunities for the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to manifest itself.  To this end, we provide free water, information, and prayer at community-wide events such as Sunfest and Freedomfest. We also provide open invitations to the greater community for church sponsored activities such as Lenten Services, VBS, and OK Mozart Sunday.