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Bookies meets the second Monday of the month in the church library at 4:30pm. Please join us anytime! Contact Diane Moses or Marge Schonborg for more information.

Trivia Night

Our next trivia challenge night will be Tuesday, September 26 at 6:30pm. Please bring a snack to share and your own drinks. Bring a friend, and don’t forget all those loose facts rattling around inside your head!

See you there!


It’s BUNCO time Tuesdays at 2:00pm in Fellowship Hall. Contact Vicki Esser at 918 440-4048 for more details.

Do a World of Good – Save Lives

Presbyterian Women is partnering with Medical Supply Network, Inc. (MSNI) to collect amber bill bottles. Established in 1992, MSNI accepts, collects, sorts, and ships donated medical supplies and equipment worldwide. While we cannot donate medical equipment, we can certainly supply needed amber pill bottles. Before you donate the bottles, please remove any label. There will be a box at the southeast door of the church for the collection of the bottles. Please remember to donate only amber pill bottles. The bottles will be taken to the MSNI warehouse in Tulsa for distribution.

FPC Blessing Box

Friends, we now have a Blessing Box located near the south east door of the church!  This Blessing Box is to help feed those who need food for the day or a meal. The box is not intended to replace any food pantries or other charities that we serve, it is just a limited way that we can help fight hunger and give to our community some relief of hunger. The Mission Committee of First Presbyterian Church Bartlesville is asking for food donations of canned goods and non-perishable foods to be placed in the Blessing Box for anyone needing a meal or to help supplement a meal. Anyone may take items free of charge. We need enough items to keep it stocked daily.  The idea is anyone in need may take items from the box. We only ask that they take what they need at the moment and give if they can. Blessings to all who give and receive from this Blessing Box.  Please see the list below for suggested items.

Canned vegetables: corn, green beans, beans, carrots, peas, canned tuna, Spam, Vienna sausages, canned chicken, canned turkey, peanut butter, Nutella, Dinty Moore or Hormel complete meal bowl (non-refrigerated), etc..

Dry Foods: mac & cheese, rice, red beans and rice mixes, macaroni noodles, pasta noodles, ramen noodles, any pasta items, dried beans, tortillas, small baking mixes such as Jiffy mixes, peanut butter, snack crackers, etc..

Household items: travel size hand soaps, small hand sanitizers, shampoos, toothpaste and toothbrushes

Pet supplies: dog and cat food (dry food will be divided into one or two feedings in a plastic bag)

Flash – This Just In!

We now have an account specifically for donations to keep the Blessing Box stocked! If you’d like to support this ongoing ministry but can’t do the shopping, this is a great option. Simply mark your donations specifying “Blessing Box”, either on an envelope in the office, or on the memo of your check, or, when you give online, select “Blessing Box” from the pull-down menu!

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